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Specialist exchange for technology and growth companies

Need for OTCEI?

Studies by NASSCOM, Software Technology Parks of India, the venture capital funds and the government's IT Task Force, as well as the rising interest in information technology, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and media shares have repeatedly emphasised the need for a national stock market for innovative and high growth companies.

Innovative companies are critical to developing economies like India, which is undergoing a major technological revolution. With their abilities to generate employment opportunities and contribute to the economy, it is essential that these companies not only expand existing operations but also set up new units. The key issue for these companies is raising timely, cost effective and long term capital to sustain their operations and enhance growth. Such companies, particularly those that have been in operation for a short time, are unable to raise funds through the traditional financing methods, because they have not yet been evaluated by the financial world.

Who would find OTCEI helpful:

 high-technology enterprises

 companies with high growth potential

 companies focussed on new product development .

 entrepreneurs seeking finance for specific business projects

The Indian economy is demonstrating signs of recovery and it is essential that these companies have suitable financing alternatives to fund their growth and maintain competitiveness.

OTCEI, with its entry guidelines and eligibility requirements tailored for such innovative and growth oriented companies, is ideally positioned as the preferred route for raising funds through Initial Public Offer (IPOs) or primary issues, in this country.

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